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We see ourselves as Natural Seekers, led by an innate drive to explore.

This innate quality defines our curiosity, our pursuit of knowledge, and our constant desire for personal and collective growth


Greek mythology tells the story of the nymph Clizia. According to the myth, Apollo, as the god of the sun, crossed the sky with his chariot of fire while the loving nymph Clizia followed him constantly with her eyes. Thus, Apollo, uninterested in the love of the beautiful nymph Clizia, transformed her after nine days into a sunflower. 

Born in Vittoria, Sicily, as the youngest of three siblings, her early years were marked by extensive travels due to her father's job. 

Her passion for travel persisted, alongside a deep love for nature, animals, and long walks.

Among her educational experiences, she pursued a degree in Economics and Management at Bocconi University.

Early apprenticeships unfolded in communication, in the hospitality during the 2006 America's Cup in Valencia. This laid the foundation for her role as an executive personal assistant.

Clizia spent several years in the restaurant industry in Spain, strengthening her connection with gastronomy and fueling her passion for travel.

More recently, collaboration with Vinnie in the racing yachts and luxury hospitality management sectors enhanced her strategic skills as property and facility manager. She oversees valuable properties worldwide, playing a critical role as a personal assistant and communication specialist.

This journey has fueled her commitment to continuous learning, pushing her to further develop expertise in the evolving landscape of real estate, thanks a Master at Politecnico University in Milan.

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