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Hospitality & Property Co-Directors

Wide-ranging abilities to best meet your needs. Our mission is to create loyalty by delighting our guests and staff members. With knowledge and flexibility, we create value.

Gastronomy Services

Professionals with a creative spirit and extensive experience in the gastronomy industry, capable of providing multidimensional services.

Outdoor Activities

Ask Vinnie for that adventurous contemplative hike, intrepid trek, or adventure holiday you're dreaming of.


Born in Gela, Sicily, Archestrato's country.

In the mid-19th century, Vincenzo Stamilla, an orphan, found fortune as a boat cook.

His grandson later ventured into private services as a "monsù" (head-chef for landlords).

Vinnie's family, rooted in farming and gardening, had a strong affinity for the sea, greatly influencing his passion for cooking. During his childhood, he started playing around the stove at home and the numerous pastry-shops of the neighborhood. As a Boy-Scout at the Salesian Youth Center in Gela, he preferred the port and countryside over the classroom.

After relocating to Northern Italy, he studied at the renowned Alberghiero E. Maggia of Stresa Institute, where he had the chance to learn the classic way of cooking, merging into the most ancient techniques.  His training included practical experience at the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees 5*.

Armed with his degree and a pilgrim's soul, he embarked on a global culinary exploration. His love for the sea led him to the yachting industry, managing services for significant nautical sport events.

In Spain, he obtained a professional degree for the outdoor world. Settling in Galicia, known for its gastronomic heritage and natural beauty, he established his base.

Currently, he balances work services with outdoor activities to nurture his spirit.

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